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Producto Wire


Winterstone provides a wide range of wires through different manufacturing processes that are adapted to each activity and material.

  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • sandstone
  • thers
Diamond wire manufacturing


Winterstone provides a wide range of products conceived to deal with all types of materials, machinery features and user requirements.

Diamond wire for quarries
Diamond wire cutting machine
Diamond wire for cutting building materials


There are three types of diamond wire used for block extraction in quarrying:

  • 1

Diamond wire with steel springs

  • 2

Diamond wire with plastic coating

  • 3

Diamond wire with rubber coating

Winterstone wires are used in the best-known quarries in the world, with excellent results being obtained in the most adverse conditions. Just to mention some of them: Spain (Novelda, Barco de Valdeorras, Porriño, etc.), Portugal (Vila Viçosa, Vila Real, Porto de Mós, Pedras Salgadas, etc.), France (Bretaña, Sidobre, Vosges, Bourgogne, etc.), Belgium (Pierre Bleue), Greece, Turkey, Colombia and Tunisia, etc.

Nowadays, block transformation machines available on the market provide many uses for further machining of raw blocks:

  • 1

Preparing blocks for their subsequent transformation

  • 2

Cutting off any blemishes

  • 3

The best speed/performance compromise to adapt our product to your needs

Assembly of diamond wires used for the purpose above is exactly the same as for block extraction.

This application uses the 7.3mm and 8.2mm diameter Winterstone contour wire saw with sintered bead and plastic wire. Using diamond wire enables material to be economically produced in the production of memorial stone with curved head shapes, as well as in any other type of stone cutting.

Winterstone has a catalogue of specific diamond wires for cutting building materials such as concrete, asphalt and cement, and also for scrapping of large steel parts and smelting.