The Egyptian market for natural stone is a significant part of the country’s economy and has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Egypt is renowned for its abundant supply of high-quality natural stone and a variety of stone types that are extracted and traded both domestically and internationally. This market is characterized by several important features: a variety of stones (marbles, granites, travertines, and basalts), a history dating back to antiquity that has turned the use of this material into a tradition and a modern industry with export capabilities.

Winterstone has aimed to be present in the market for diamond tools used in the cutting of natural stone through its exclusive distributor, El Nour Company, located in Cairo since 1996. Our companies collaborate by contributing market knowledge and cutting techniques on one hand, and technology, experience, and adaptability on the other. In this way, Winterstone is now a leader in the market for marble cutting blades in Egypt.